Discover the exciting world of Pokémon with the new release: Obsidian
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Ontdek de opwindende wereld van Pokémon met de nieuwe release: Obsidian Flames (TIP: Chase card Charizard!)

Discover the exciting world of Pokémon with the new release: Obsidian Flames (TIP: Chase card Charizard!)

Discover the exciting world of Pokémon with the new release: Obsidian Flames (TIP: Chase card Charizard!)


Pokémon fans around the world can rejoice as a new release is on the way that will take the franchise to new heights. Get ready to continue your Pokémon journey in the exciting and mysterious region of Obsidian Flames. This new Pokémon release promises adventure, new Pokémon species and captivating stories that will enchant fans of all ages.

An immersive region:

Obsidian Flames takes players to a beautiful new region filled with challenging environments and breathtaking landscapes. Whether you're sneaking through dense forests, climbing majestic mountain ranges or navigating bustling cities, this new region offers a wealth of discovery and opportunity.

New Pokémon:

Of course, a new Pokémon release also means new Pokémon to catch, train and battle with. Obsidian Flames introduces a host of brand new Pokémon species, each with unique abilities and designs that will enchant players. From cute and fluffy creatures to terrifying and powerful beasts, there's a Pokémon to bond with for every type of player.

Charizard is one of the iconic Pokémon in the Pokémon franchise and will also be present in the release of Obsidian Flames. Charizard is a Fire/Flying-type Pokémon known for its powerful fire attacks and impressive wings. It is a fan favorite due to its tough appearance and strong combat skills. So you can definitely look forward to catching, training and using Charizard in Obsidian Flames to strengthen your team and engage in epic battles.

Fascinating stories:

Obsidian Flames is more than just collecting Pokémon. The game is packed with captivating stories that will take you on an unforgettable journey. Meet colorful characters, allies and rivals as you unravel mysteries and complete challenging missions. The in-depth storylines and character development ensure that players feel emotionally connected to the world of Obsidian Flames.

Innovative Gameplay Features:

The new release also brings with it some innovative gameplay features that take the gaming experience to the next level. Thanks to improved graphics and smooth animations, the Pokémon come to life like never before. In addition, Obsidian Flames introduces new combat mechanics and strategies that challenge players to test and refine their skills.

Online functionalities:

Obsidian Flames also offers extensive online features that allow players around the world to compete and collaborate with each other. Compete against other trainers in challenging battles or trade Pokémon to complete your Pokédex. The online capabilities allow players to test their skills against other enthusiastic trainers and form a community that shares the passion for Pokémon.


Obsidian Flames is an exciting addition to the Pokémon franchise, promising fans new adventures and experiences. With its beautiful region, new Pokémon, compelling stories and innovative gameplay features, this game is a must-have for any Pokémon lover. Prepare for a journey full

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