Which Pokémon cards should I buy?
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Welke Pokémon kaarten moet ik kopen?

Which Pokémon cards should I buy?

Which Pokémon cards should I buy?

Which Pokémon cards should I buy? This is a question we hear very often. We would like to help our readers find the right answer to this question; However, this question is not very easy to answer. In this article we discuss the ins and outs of collecting Pokémon.

Let's start...

Collecting Sealed Collector or loose cards?

To start with, there is a difference between buying individual cards or keeping products neatly in their seals. We therefore speak of different types of collectors. So you have the "Sealed Collectors". These are the collectors who, for example, buy Pokémon Booster Boxes and keep them neatly in an acrylic case. Wondering where you can get such an acrylic case? Then click here .

These "Sealed Collectors" are therefore betting on an increase in the value of an unopened booster box.

But what about this?

This is because an unopened booster box has collector's value for people who keep an unopened box of each series, but it also has value for people who want the set to be complete and have to open booster boxes later to complete the set. As a set ages, it becomes more exclusive. There are fewer products available and therefore fewer and fewer cards are sold and released on the market. This causes the prices of the individual cards to rise. The more expensive the individual cards in a set become, the more expensive the sealed booster boxes become, after all, if you open a booster box and it contains, for example, an expensive Charizard card worth EUR 2,000, the basic price of the sealed box also increases.

Okay, clearly... but what should I do now?

Now that you understand the basics of the difference between a Sealed Collector and a loose card collector, you can choose for yourself what you want. Are you already opening booster boxes? Do you already collect complete sets? Then you should continue with this and ensure that you complete your sets, after all, a complete set is worth more than an incomplete set.

Do you not have time to collect sets yourself or do you not feel like doing so, but you would like to keep Pokémon sealed products because you either like them or you hope for a nice increase in your collection? Then unopened Pokémon products are the best for your collection. Please note: not every product is equally popular and on average a Booster Box has proven to be a better investment than a Tin Box, for example. You also have collectors who collect individual packs and you have collectors who only collect graded PSA/BSA cards, but we will return to this soon with a new blog post.

Thank you very much for reading and GOTTA CATCH “EM ALL!

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