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Pokemon Crown Zenith is aangekondigd!

Pokemon Crown Zenith has been announced!

Pokemon Crown Zenith has been announced!

The Pokemon Company has pulled out all the stops for the Shield generation of Pokemon TCG. The generation concludes with another special set called Crown Zenith, and this special set contains plenty to get fans excited.

The upcoming set will launch on January 20, 2023 and will create the final batch of VSTAR cards before Pokemon TCG moves to EX cards. The set will certainly attract the attention of fans and collectors. It will also include numerous cards featuring special artwork from the Galarian Gallery. For gamers who specifically want to experience the Galar region one last time, Crown Zenith is not to be missed.

The current latest release; Silver Tempest, will be the final main set in the eighth generation Pokemon TCG. Many fans have also been looking forward to this set and we notice that there is a lot of demand for this set. This is considering the new Radiant Pokemon and Pokemon VSTARs in the set. But... as mentioned above, it won't be the last adventure in the Galar region. The Pokemon Company has unveiled Crown Zenith, a special set that will serve as the perfect farewell to the successful generation of Sword and Shield. With over 160 cards in the set it isn't that difficult to complete, although it can be relatively expensive with difficult pull rates. Also, most special sets are not sold as individual booster packs, meaning collectors will need to purchase Collector's Tins, Elite Trainer Boxes and Premium Figure Collections to complete their set.

The Sword and Shield generation of Pokemon TCG has been great for card collectors, competitive players, and card investors alike. The emphasis on V cards had a major impact on the competitive scene, while the introduction of Radiant Pokemon gave collectors something new to hunt for as they featured artwork of glowing Pokemon. Many beautiful sets have also been released, including the special Pokemon GO set with illustrations of Pokemon in real-world locations. The set is notable for containing cards that initially look normal, but have surfaces that peel off to reveal a hidden Ditto underneath.

The ninth generation of Pokemon will have a difficult task to surpass its predecessor. We are therefore very curious about what is to come!

A little sneak peak... It looks like the 9th generation is off to a great start with the Paldea Collection, which will begin the Pokemon TCG journey in the Paldea region. The upcoming set brings Scarlet and Violet's new Pokemon to the card game, including the legendary Koraidon and Miraidon, and it also brings back classic creatures like Magnezone, Lucario, and Mimikyu.

All in all an exciting prospect!

Have fun collecting! Gotta catch 'em all!

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